From the 5th to the 9th of February 2018 I was an active member of The HugGroup as a student from Longfield Academy post 16. I was involved with the marketing side of the business and thoroughly enjoyed my time there, as well as learning key things to use in my future career. The HugGroup are a technology start-up, based in Dartford that have designed and manufactured people tracking technology, are passionate about the safeguarding of children when they are on school trips and helping teachers to relax when taking children off the school premises whether it be on a small or large scale outings. ClassHug, the tracking technology created by the founder and CEO of The HugGroup, Andy Davies, is used by primary schools and nurseries as a way of tracking and controlling children when they are out of sight of teachers when away from the classroom. The device allows children to feel independent, however they are still able to be watched by teachers when out on trips in big crowds, or small crowds for that matter. ClassHug takes the stress off of teachers and allows them to focus on the learning journey of the children away from the classroom rather than panicking about whether they’ve done a headcount or if a child has wandered off, ClassHug does this all for you.

This technology was created by Andy after seeing stressed parents when out with his own children. Andy came up with the idea of ClassHug in February 2017. With a strong team behind The HugGroup, the company began to set up an application for the tracking devices and a website which informed potential buyers on what the product actually does and how it works. Members of the HugGroup started using the tracker on their own families and in the local primary school to get feedback on how successful the device was. Once the improvements had been made based upon the feedback, the HugGroup set up stands at BETT and the Nursery World Show to get the company name out and gain more interest from schools and nurseries both locally and regionally, in some cases globally as well!


One task that I really enjoyed doing was a follow-up email of the two shows that the HugGroup had visited. This involved making sure that the people who claimed interest in purchasing the technology did not forget to get in contact with the company and make sure that they took advantage of the 20% discount being offered. To be able to do this I had to put my IT knowledge to the test and convert the documents to be able to upload them into a format for mass emailing.


Another task which I found rewarding was doing daily updates on the company’s social media pages about articles relating to what the company do or are passionate about.


I wanted to participate in a business which innovates and is devoted to the future so I could use the skills that I learn to take away with me and use in my own future after leaving school. I have learned how to market a small scale business and reach their audiences via email marketing, how to create an application for the Kent Excellence in Business Awards and develop a better understanding of digital marketing, especially via social media.


I am extremely grateful for the experience and would do it all over again! I’d recommend work experience like this to anyone who is interested in going into the world of marketing or small business development. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the staff at the HugGroup who have helped me to gain a better understanding of something I am passionate about and giving me a real insight into how a business works so I can one day use this knowledge to my advantage.


Lucy Brown

Year 13 Student at Longfield Academy.


Work Experience with The HugGroup