“Muuuuum, I’ve got a school trip coming up soon will you sign my letter!” Shouted my then 8-year-old daughter. Then the anxiety kicked in again, my tummy turned, and I felt sick! I have never stopped any of my children enjoying school outings or days out with the school, but it had always made me anxious. I know she attends a great school, with plenty of caring teachers and will be looked after but the thought of her being left somewhere or forgotten about makes my heart sink! A few years back I worked as a nursery assistant, so I knew what looking after kids was like and taking them outside, not that I ever lost a child, luckily, but the endless headcounts where tiring.

So, I sat Lily down and looked at where she was going, London to a museum. Now I felt even worse! My head is now going 500mph – Oh no, she will need to get a train! What if she’s left on the train!! Will they remember her if she needs to use the toilet?!

A dinosaur in a museum.
Q: What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?
A: Doyouthinkhesawus

Lily is such a bright girl, she knows her boundaries and her right from wrongs. She knows to always stay near a teacher, hold the teachers hand and listen, however this was not enough for me to just agree. I tried to get the day off work so I could go along with her but unfortunately I couldn’t, instead I approached her teacher. I told Mrs K “I am extremely worried about Lily going on this school trip, I am worried she will get left or get lost! Please, please can you hold her hand and stay with her at all times!” Her teacher reassured me, she had been her teacher for the previous 2 years and had a lovely little bond with Lily – I trusted her.

So, the dreaded day had arrived, I dropped Lily to school and behind my big, fake, cheesy grin was the worlds most worried mum. I kissed her goodbye but of course I wanted her to have the best day ever! The teachers arrived back to school at 3.30pm along with every single child – Lily included. Lily couldn’t wait to tell me about her day. I was delighted she had a wonderful time but was even more relieved that she returned safely!

London vista
London – a scary place for children

18 months later I came across The Hug Group whilst on the hunt for a new job opportunity, I loved working in my previous job, but I wanted something a little different and something that would really interest me. Finding The Hug Group on my job search was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me. What could be better than working for a company determined to keep our children safer by creating a safety tracker that tracks our children every single second of every single minute.

Lily’s school is trialling our trackers as of next week, they believe The Hug Group is a wonderful idea and they are hoping to incorporate the use of our trackers on upcoming school trips. You know what this means for me – Less worry, less stress and more focus on Lily’s learning!

About the author:

Jade Estelle is a mother of two young girls and Customer Success Manager at The Hug Group, responsible for keeping our community of schools, nurseries and childminders happy.

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