The question about your data in the cloud is probably asked many times over and almost certainly had many different answers.

Before answering question, its worth asking what is the cloud?
Put simply, its a fancy word for service provider. In this case it happens to be computing related. From data storage, software to computing, today you can simply find a cloud provider who will
store your data securely and make it available for you all the time for a very small cost.

If you were to do this your self, you would have to think of equipment, backups and an I.T. guy. All this means costs add up and if you just want to store your digital images, you are more likely to put the idea off. With a cloud provider and there are hundreds of thousands of them, you can simply get an account and upload your images and pay for what you use.



So, how secure is it?

Well it certainly depends on the cloud provider and what measures they have taken for intrusion prevention.
However security is a corner stone of any cloud provider. Having a breach of their security will put them out of business instantly. Its not an asumption that you want to make, its worth while
considering what provisions they have taken. Most of the security provisions can be a load of jargon, however there are data security standards that explain the provisions in laymans terms and
cloud providers would almost certainly comply with one of them if not all.

The other aspect to consider is their past practices. A simple internet search about the provider would put you at ease
on this regard. One last point you want to consider is how a cloud provider store your data. Most cloud providers would encrypt your data. Encryption is to scramble your data and only way to
unscramble is by a key. With regards to ecncryption in the cloud, the key is tied to your login, most probably your password or a combination of username and password or other attribut of your account.

Therefore in the unlikely event of an intrusion, if the data is encrypted it would be difficult if not impossible to make use of the data in possesion of the intruder. Summing up, your data in
the cloud be secure depending on the provider you select.

At HugGroup Ltd we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our I.T. infrastructure. Reliability, scalability and security which AWS provides is unparallel. Added to what AWS provides, your data at HugGroup is encrypted so rest assured its considered highest regards.

Should you worry about your data in the cloud