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“ClassHug is an absolute gem of a product. Its genius is that while appearing simple, behind this simplicity lies well designed and thoughtful innovation. 

ClassHug provides the solution to that all to familiar fear, “What if one of them runs off?” ClassHug ensures that as a teacher leading a trip you know that your beloved little angels can run, but they can’t hide!


/ Dan Lea, deputy headteacher, internationally published author, key-note speaker and WINNER of the UK Teaching Award for Next Generation Learning  /



What do we do? In short we've designed an intelligent and fun product to help you keep track of a group of children (upto 250 children from a single iPhone/iPad) while not restricting what they do. The children wear a light, low cost and unobtrusive wristband that alerts their teacher, TA or other responsible person should they stray more than a predetermined distance from where the responsible person is. They work on the move, indoors or outside, above ground, underground or in buildings and are waterproof




#1 Download the ClassHug app for free from the App Store*


*The app is free to download but requires a current ClassHug subscription to use it. For security reasons ClassHug only supports Apple iPad and iPhone devices.

#2 Place a tracker onto the child


The trackers can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the children and you can mix and match as you see fit. There are lanyards, wristbands, secure wristbands (non-removable by the children themselves) and badge attachments to choose from.

#3 Pair the child's tracker with the app


A list of the children in the school can be securely uploaded and stored on our servers saving you from having to input the children's names each time you go out. You can also optionally choose to upload the children's photos, emergency contact details, allergies and SEN details - invaluable when teachers and TA's from other classes or parent helpers who may not be very familiar with the children are helping on the trip.

Select the child's name on the app, tap the iPad/iPhone on the tracker and away you go!

#4 Set warning and alert ranges in the app


How far are you happy for your class to explore? Maybe closer when you're waiting for a train or in a museum but further when you're in the woods - there's no right or wrong answer and you can change it in seconds

#5 Be a teacher - concentrate on the children's learning! Get an immediate alarm or alert if a child wanders out of range or gets left behind


That's it. Simple, unobtrusive, instant

Want to try it in your school?